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Assemblymember, Wendy Carrillo arrested on suspicion of drunk driving (View PDF)

Darrell Brooks found guilty of first-degree intentional homicide in Waukesha Christmas parade massacre (View PDF) | Visit Site

How Much Prison Time Is Elizabeth Holmes Facing for Theranos Fraud (View PDF)

Kaitlin Armstrong’s request for speedy Texas trial may face bumpy road in death of cycling pro ‘Mo’ Wilson (View PDF)

How Johnny Depp was victorious against Amber Heard and what it means (View PDF) | Visit Site

Amber Heard v Johnny Depp: Experts weigh in after actress ditches PR firm days ahead of her testimony (View PDF)

Alec Baldwin ‘inseparable’ from ‘Rust’ shooting as he faces wrongful death lawsuit, legal experts weigh in (View PDF)

Connecticut hedge fund heiress admits to secretly filming minor in her Greenwich mansion (View PDF)

Bloomberg: Ghislaine Maxwell Jury Confronts Rare Case Alleging Female Sexual Predator (View PDF) | Visit Site

Ghislaine Maxwell Jury Confronts Rare Case Alleging Female Sexual Predator (View PDF)

Defendants’ right to confrontation appears to be inviolable (View PDF) | Visit Site

Harvey Weinstein’s California extradition hearing postponed until April; former mogul to stay in New York prison (View PDF) | Visit Site

Is Johnny Depp’s career kaput? Maybe, but don’t underestimate the devotion of his fans(View PDF) | Visit Site

Scott Peterson’s case headed back to San Mateo court over potential juror issue(View PDF) | Visit Site

Scott Peterson Murder Conviction Will Be Reexamined by Court After Allegation of Juror Conflict(View PDF) | Visit Site

Will President Trump pardon Joe Exotic?Lawyers weigh in(View PDF) | Visit Site

Convicted Killer Scott Peterson’s Death Penalty Reversed (2)(View PDF) | Visit Site

ANCA Hollywood Town Hall Discusses COVID-19, Social Justice Movement(View PDF) | Visit Site

Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli will serve prison time or risk ‘preferential treatment’ outcry from public, says legal expert(View PDF) | Visit Site

Will Lori Loughlin Go to Prison? Actor, Husband to Plead Guilty in College Admission Scandal (View PDF) | Visit Site
“She probably believes her innocence,” Lara Yeretsian, a criminal defense attorney, told Newsweek in November. “It was one thing to think she was working the system, that doesn’t necessarily mean they thought they were doing something criminal.”

Terry Kaufman: When you’re called back to work, but the kids are still home (View PDF) | Visit Site

Lori Loughlin and husband agree to plead guilty in college admissions scandal case (View PDF) | Visit Site

Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli officially plead guilty in college scandal via Zoom, await fate (View PDF) | Visit Site

Harvey Weinstein’s attorney says she’s ‘sickened’ by the verdict and blames ‘public pressure’ for the jurors’ decision (View PDF) | Visit Site

Harvey Weinstein’s Dream Jury Is Conservative, Traditional, Skeptical (View PDF) | Visit Site

The Judge in the Harvey Weinstein Case Told Potential Jurors It’s ‘Not a Referendum on the #MeToo Movement (View PDF) | Visit Site

Harvey Weinstein verdict: What will ‘a new era’ mean to #MeToo, Hollywood and sex-crime prosecutions? (View PDF) | Visit Site

‘Bob Durst Killed His Wife, ‘ Prosecutor Says at His Trial (View PDF) | Visit Site

Weinstein prosecutors increased chance of guilty verdict: Cosby trial attorney (View PDF) | Visit Site

Attorney Lara Yeretsian represented and helped exonerate her client who was wrongfully arrested for murder. Shadows of Death on Investigative Discovery Network Episode 4 [Amazon Prime] [Investigation Discovery.

R. Kelly faces federal charges that carry harsh potential sentences (View PDF) | Visit Site

Analysis: Those in college scandal could still go to prison, despite first defendant skating (View PDF) | Visit Site

Will Lori Loughlin’s daughters testify against her in college admissions scandal? (View PDF) | Visit Site

Lori Loughlin feels wronged in college admissions scandal, looking to fight charges, source says (View PDF) | Visit Site

Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade could be implicated in college admissions scam, legal analyst says (View PDF) | Visit Site

Rep. Schiff Honors 2019 Women of the Year (View PDF) | Visit Site

For Lori Loughlin, ‘parenting on steroids’ could be a defense in the college admissions scandal (View PDF) | Visit Site

Lori Loughlin’s ‘options are limited’ after pleading not guilty in college admissions scam, legal experts say (View PDF) | Visit Site

Lori Loughlin could now face up to 40 years in jail after new charges, report says (View PDF) | Visit Site

Lori Loughlin and 15 other parents face additional charges in college admissions scandal (View PDF) | Visit Site

Lori Loughlin now faces 20 or more years in prison after being indicted on money laundering, fraud charges (View PDF) | Visit Site

Caught up in Avenatti scandal, Mark Geragos finds himself on the other side of the law (View PDF) | Visit Site

Assessing ‘Empire’ Options After Jussie Smollett Charges Dropped (View PDF) | Visit Site

College admissions scandal: Wealthy parents told to make deal or face more charges (View PDF) | Visit Site

Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin face possible jail time for college admissions cheating scandal (View PDF) | Visit Site

Can Felicity Huffman’s and Lori Loughlin’s careers ever recover from college bribery scam?… (View PDF) | Visit Site

Lara Yeretsian named as a 2019 Southern California Super Lawyer (View PDF) | Visit Site

Comedian Bill Cosby convicted, probably fails to see the humor here… (View PDF)

Jeschke Gets Probation – Sentenced; Facing Prosecution on Additional Charges (View PDF)Visit Site

Bill Cosby prosecutors have 10 days to respond to his bid to exit prison soon (View PDF)Visit Site

Cosby’s Lawyers Call His Accuser a ‘Pathological Liar (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Bill Cosby Retrial Verdict: Guilty On All 3 Counts Of Aggravated Indecent Assault (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

ANCA Hollywood Reps Hold Productive Meeting with Councilmember O’Farrell (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

ABMDR’s ‘Laughter for Life’ Celebrates Hope and Spirit of Giving (View PDF)(Visit Site)

Lara Yeretsian, Co-Counsel For Cameron Brown, Who Was Accused Of Murdering His 4-Year Old Daughter (View PDF)

Director Cuts Plea Deal For Drag Rap (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Yeretsian Law Announces Los Angeles District Attorney Will Not File Criminal Charges Against L.A. City Union Leader Josif Kahraman And His Wife (View PDF)

LA Times – No Charge Filed Against Head Of L.A. City Union (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Glendale Man Gets 8 Years in Trademark Scam Case (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

LA Times – Head Of L.A. Union Held In Alleged Theft Of Computer (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Jury Deadlocked In Case Of Man Accused Of Throwing Daughter Off Cliff In Rancho Palos Verdes (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Deal Reached in Starpoint Case (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Teens Take Stand In Jeschke Trial (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Jeschke Trial Closes (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Lara Yeretsian Honored At The Armenian Chamber Of Commerce 11th Annual Business Gala (View PDF)

$780,000 Raised For Burbank Youth Center During Inaugural Event (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Lara Yeretsian – Master Of Ceremonies At ABMDR Annual Gala (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Project Finalists Announced for Little Armenia Gateway (View PDF) | (Visit Site)


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