Protect Your Family From Child Endangerment Charges

While the actions to take to protect your family are done in the best interest of your loved ones, it is possible for others to not see your actions the same way you do. When this happens, it can result in someone reporting you for child endangerment, and all of a sudden, your family is in jeopardy. Our attorneys at Yeretsian Law want to help you protect your family, and we know what it takes.

The last thing you want to do in these cases is to go into these cases without an attorney. Without an experienced lawyer at your side, you put yourself and your family at great risk.

What An Attorney Can Do For You

Child endangerment cases are challenging because it can be easy for a parent to let their emotions interfere with their efforts to get their children back. An experienced attorney can take the time to understand all the details of your personal case and act as your representative in your case, keeping calm while pursuing your best interests.

Our primary objective is to keep your kids where they belong: with you at home. In the event that that option is not immediately on the table, we will negotiate for your opportunity to maintain regular contact with your children.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Family

We know how complicated child endangerment cases are. We can help you explain your side of things to the court, in the hopes of keeping your children where they belong.

When you are looking for a California attorney to represent you in your child endangerment, choose an attorney you can trust to care about the needs of you and your family. Contact our Glendale office at 818-741-1220 or toll-free at 888-402-1050 today. Schedule an initial consultation today and begin building your best possible defense for your family.