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Reviled Defendants Need Good Representation the Most

When a Harvard Law School professor agreed to represent Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, accused of numerous rapes and other forms of sexual assault, more than 40 Harvard students called for the school to terminate the professor's employment. Defense attorneys representing other celebrities charged with heinous crimes, such as R&B superstar R. Kelly, recently charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse of minors, face vocal public censure.

Check skipping can have more serious consequences than heartburn

"Dining and dashing." "Eating and beating." The practice of ordering up a tasty meal at a restaurant and then running out on the check carries many different labels. The one prosecutors in California have been known to assign to it is criminal.

Under the state penal code, making off without paying a restaurant bill can result in a charge of petty theft. That being a misdemeanor might not seem like much of a big deal to many reading this right now. But in cases where evidence suggests the alleged perpetrator engaged in the activity in a serial sort of way, felony charges of grand theft can follow. And if the government succeeds in making its case, it could mean significant incarceration time.

Understanding California restraining orders

Getting slammed with a restraining order is never something you want to deal with. Aside from the embarrassment of being in the situation in the first place, it comes with so many new rules about what you can and cannot do that it seems like you're set up to fail from the beginning.

There are a few different types of restraining orders in California depending on the circumstances that led up to the order, and they all come with their own rules for the person they are restraining.

What you need to know about DUI checkpoints

Summer is winding down, but there's still plenty of fun to be had in southern California. As such, the many end-of-summer festivals, concerts and other happenings around the San Fernando Valley (not to mention the upcoming Los Angeles County Fair in nearby Pomona) could prompt increased DUI enforcement, especially as Labor Day Weekend approaches.

One enforcement tool often seen around major holidays are DUI checkpoints. Though fairly common nowadays, many people still have questions when it comes sobriety checkpoints. Here are some answers.

Fighting mortgage fraud charges in California

A year ago, you secured a loan to purchase your dream home. Unfortunately, you're now faced with a homebuyer's worst nightmare and are wrongfully being accused of mortgage fraud. You fear that the accusations will mean losing your home and compromising your reputation. Luckily, a charge does not equate to a conviction and you can fight the claims in court. By educating yourself on the nature of the charge and the action that you can take, you may be able to defend your credibility and your future. 

What should you know about business tax evasion?

As a small business owner, you are responsible for keeping accurate financial records and filing your business's tax returns each year. This can be a complex process and subject to error, especially if you complete this task without the assistance of a certified accountant.

All California business owners should understand what constitutes tax evasion to prevent serious felony charges. The government does not look favorably on tax fraud; if convicted, you could face prison time and high fines. What should you understand about tax evasion?

Are Dabs, or hash oil, or wax illegal?

Dabs, BHO and wax, hashish and shatter are just some names for concentrated cannabis. These are the extracted resin from the cannabis plant and can be inhaled many ways including vaping.  

This concentrate is much stronger than the leaves of the cannabis plant and thus subject to different laws. The 2018 law states that adults 21 and older can use and possess up to 8 grams of hashish. However, possessing more than 8 grams is a misdemeanor and is punishable by up to 6 months in jail if you do not happen to have an entitlement to medical marijuana.

Protect Yourself From Telemarketing Fraud

We have all experienced unwanted phone calls telling us that our credit cards have been compromised or that we qualify for a “free cruise” or other perk.  But there are some local businesses that still call potential clients to sell services such as auto glass repair or carpet cleaning.  How can we tell the difference between an authentic call and a scam?


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