Effectively Battling Charges Of Public Corruption

Public officials in California are held to stringent standards by federal and state laws instituted to curb corruption. The consequences of violating these laws are grave and can mean professional and personal ruin for those convicted.

At Yeretsian Law in Glendale, our founding lawyer, Lara Yeretsian, can provide aggressive and effective legal representation if you are accused of any of the following charges, plus many more:

How To Confront Charges Of Malfeasance Or Fraud

Public corruption cases begin many months, if not years, before indictments are handed down. Often, a grand jury conducts a thorough and lengthy investigation, during which retaining an experienced defense attorney can shift the odds in your favor tremendously. If you hire Lara as your lawyer, she may be able to:

  • Conduct a parallel investigation that challenges the prosecution’s primary contentions
  • Hold law enforcement and the prosecution accountable as they enforce laws that are often complex and convoluted
  • Engage the prosecution and begin a relationship valuable for any negotiations that may occur
  • Advise you on actions to take to stay clear of charges of obstruction of justice or perjury

Our lead attorney has a proven record of representing clients in high-profile, high-stakes cases and emerging victorious. She is determined and tenacious in the courtroom, and sensitive and understanding in working with you.

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