What To Do Before Your White Collar Crime Arrest

If you are being investigated for any type of white-collar crime — which could include money laundering, various types of fraud, identity theft, or health care fraud/ kickback charges — you are likely under a lot of stress. You may be wondering how you will fight these accusations, what they may do to your business or personal life, and what to do next.

At Yeretsian Law, our founder, Lara Yeretsian, has represented clients accused of white collar crime at both the state and federal levels. Our firm will invest the time and skill necessary to evaluate the case against you and find flaws in the prosecution’s approach.

How To Prepare If You Are Under Investigation For A White-Collar Crime

Investigations for some white collar crimes, whether state or federal, can take months or years to play out. This can be agonizing to wait through, but it also provides you with time to protect yourself and get ready if an arrest warrant is issued.

Some steps you should take before your arrest happens include:

  1. Hire a lawyer as soon as you realize you are under investigation. The sooner you receive counsel, the better.
  2. Take steps to protect your lawful accounts and assets that are not connected to any criminal activity. Investigators can freeze your access to bank accounts or other assets as evidence in your case. Our firm can help you maintain access to your lawful assets and retain resources from which to fight your case.
  3. Maintain your silence as much as possible. Because of the Supreme Court’s Miranda decision, you are guaranteed the right to remain silent before and after arrest. Do not answer questions without an attorney present.
  4. Do not respond to press inquiries. Never present your story to the “court of public opinion.”

All lawyers are not equal when it comes to white collar crime. Choose a lawyer who has the resources and experience to develop an effective defense strategy for your case.

Battle A White Collar Crime Arrest With A Full Arsenal

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