Your Rights At A DUI Stop

In California, a first-time DUI conviction is a misdemeanor, but if you are convicted more than once for drunk driving, the administrative and criminal penalties can add up quickly, and if there are injuries or fatalities involved, the prosecutor may charge you with a felony, including manslaughter or murder charges.

At Yeretsian Law, our lead attorney, Lara Yeretsian, has two decades of experience defending DUI clients. She is able to challenge evidence that was gathered inappropriately or sloppily, and she is highly experienced in finding alternatives to jail for cases when the evidence is overwhelming.

What To Avoid At Your DUI Stop

When you are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving or impaired driving, you continue to have the same constitutional rights you had before that happened. Your case may end up carrying far less serious consequences if you remember what to avoid when you are stopped for DUI:

  1. Do NOT break traffic laws to avoid a stop. If you see a sobriety checkpoint up ahead, you may make a U-turn to avoid it, but only if it is a legal maneuver.
  2. Do NOT volunteer to take a preliminary chemical (blood/breath) test. Many times, you must be arrested before such tests are mandatory. Do not consent to take them before that unless you have a court order or a probation condition to submit to such test.
  3. You have the right to remain silent and not answer any police questions at a DUI stop. You should, however, provide your ID and registration.

You Do Not Have To Plead Guilty To DUI Charges

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