A Murder Charge Requires A Serious Legal Response

Murder is one of the most serious criminal charges a person can face. A murder accusation threatens every aspect of your life – with consequences such as years of potential prison time, severe financial consequences, the destruction of your reputation and future difficulty in securing employment and housing. In the worst case, a murder conviction can lead to life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

At Yeretsian Law, we treat these possibilities with the gravity that they deserve. And more importantly, we will help you respond to murder charges with every legal tool available. In confidential consultations, we will listen closely to your story so that we understand the full context behind the events in question. We will work with you to design a legal strategy tailored to your case and to your goals. In every case, we will push aggressively to achieve the best outcome available in your case. In some cases that can mean dropped charges; in other cases it can mean a lighter sentence. Every day, we strive to help ensure that our clients never face penalties disproportionate to the charges they are facing.

How We Fight To Protect Your Future

Our team will scrutinize all of the details of your charges. It is possible for law enforcement officers to make a critical mistake in your case, which might be grounds for its dismissal. When we take a close look at your case, we not only ensure that you are not alone in your case, but also that we are working toward your best possible outcome. The steps we take include:

  • Investigating the moment of your arrest thoroughly, in order to collect evidence that can be used in your defense, and to gain a full understanding of any evidence that may be used by the prosecutor.
  • Offering honest and forthright legal advice in a timely manner. No matter whether your legal prospects seem good or bad, we will give you accurate information about your legal options so that you are informed and empowered to make important decisions when needed.
  • Working diligently to seek reduced charges or to have them dropped altogether

We have the experience to help every aspect of your case. The primary goal of any criminal defense case is to beat the charges and keep your freedom. When it is not possible to have the court drop the charges, we will act as your negotiator to lessen the severity of the charges and/or sentence, and if necessary, we will try the case before a jury.

Now Is The Best Time To Call An Attorney

In cases like this, you might hear from law enforcement that you do not need an attorney if you are innocent, or that getting a lawyer will only make you look guilty. Phrases like this are only for the purpose of making things easier for the prosecution. If you are facing murder charges, you need an attorney, plain and simple.

Do not wait another day to speak with an attorney you can trust to protect your future and your freedom. Call our Glendale office at 818-741-1220 or toll-free at 888-402-1050 to schedule an initial consultation with one of our dedicated and experienced attorneys today.