The Consequences Of Health Care Fraud And Kickback Accusations

The state of California and the federal government have greatly stepped up their monitoring of health care fraud in recent years. If you find yourself under investigation as part of a health care fraud or kickback charge, it is critical that you hire an attorney who is well-versed in health care law and who can support you in various types of pretrial negotiations, as well as protect your due process rights in the courtroom.

At Yeretsian Law, our founder, Lara Yeretsian, is a veteran criminal defense attorney who has supervised many complex, high-profile cases. Our firm’s goal is to protect your privacy and reputation while examining the prosecution’s case against you and constructing an effective defense.

Laws Governing Health Care Fraud

There are several areas of the law that deal with health care-related fraud and scams. Some of the most common statutes cited in court actions include:

  • The Anti-Kickback Statute. This federal law prohibits persons from offering or receiving anything of value to generate business for a federal health care program, including Medicare.
  • Stark Law. This law prohibits physicians from referring patients to health care service entities if the doctor has a business interest or a compensation arrangement with that entity.
  • Prescription fraud. Practices that issue an unusually high number of narcotics prescriptions can be investigated for insurance fraud or abuse of DEA dispensing practices.
  • Billing fraud. Examples of billing fraud and abuse can include up-coding services, phantom billing for services not rendered, or billing “ghost” (nonexistent) patients.

When Should I Hire An Attorney If I Am Accused Of Health Care Fraud?

Hire an attorney as soon as you realize or suspect you are an investigatory target. Your attorney can protect you during questioning and challenge the validity of the evidence collected against you. Lara is a tenacious lawyer who does not quit until she has achieved the optimal outcome for her client.

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