A Strong Defense Against Assault With A Deadly Weapon Charges

Here in California, you may be surprised to learn that you do not actually need a weapon to receive charges for assault with a deadly weapon (ADW). According to the law, there are two methods for an assault to count as “assault with a deadly weapon” (ADW). The first, of course, is having a deadly weapon, but the second one requires the force necessary to cause critical bodily damage.

No matter what circumstances led to you receiving ADW charges, you need to build the best defense possible for your charges. Here at Yeretsian Law, we can help you do exactly that.

What To Know About Assault With A Deadly Weapon Charges

Some people might tell you that the ADW title is a bit confusing when it comes to what the law sees as a deadly weapon. While most people would consider things like a gun, knife or even a bat to be a deadly weapon, the law considers anything that could kill a person a deadly weapon. So even if you were in an altercation, and had no intent to kill, if you were holding something as innocent as a bottle or pen, the threat of your charges could increase dramatically.

The consequences of ADW are fines of up to ten thousand dollars, not to mention more than a decade in jail depending on the circumstances of the case. Receiving a conviction will also drastically impact the rest of your life, making it harder to get or keep a job, gain a bank loan or even maintain social relationships. In fact, some types of ADW charges are serious felonies and strikes with severe consequences.

With so much at stake in these cases, you want to do everything in your power to either beat or reduce the charges against you. Our lawyers know what it takes to bring you the best possible outcome in your case.

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