The growth of the internet over the past generation has expanded the number of ways that individuals and organizations can do business via computer. However, it has also increased the opportunities for individuals to unlawfully access financial and personal data electronically. Some of the most common “cybercrimes” that are outlawed by federal or state statute include:

If you find yourself arrested or under investigation for cybercrimes, you need to act — fast. At Yeretsian Law, our founder, lawyer Lara Yeretsian, provides informed, comprehensive defense representation for clients across the greater Los Angeles area. She is a skilled negotiator and investigator and will fight hard for the best results for you — in the courtroom as well as in negotiation or plea deal conferences.

How Our Lawyer Can Challenge Your Cybercrime Charges

You do not have to face a cybercrime investigation alone. Your attorney can assist your defense at every phase of the legal process by helping with the following:

  • Intervene in the investigation on your behalf to prevent the filing of charges
  • Begin negotiations with federal or state agencies before charges are filed and arrests made
  • Request forensic testing of physical evidence
  • Examine the evidence against you and consider if defenses such as lack of intent or accidental access apply
  • Seek innovative approaches to sentencing that minimize damage to your freedom or reputation

Lara will protect your due process rights at every opportunity. As her client, her only priority is a good outcome for you.

Hire A Creative Problem-Solver For Your Defense Attorney

Cybercrime convictions hinge on highly technical evidence, and the penalties are steep. Our attorney will fight for your most optimal outcome and seek alternatives to the worst possible consequences. Call our Glendale office at 818-741-1220 or email us to make a free initial appointment. We serve clients across Southern California.

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