Defending Against Assault And Murder Charges

Assault and murder charges can be leveled at a defendant in many situations beyond that of an angry one-on-one confrontation. You can find yourself facing a murder charge after a DUI arrest, after a “road rage” situation that turns physically destructive, or after a night at the tavern leads to a bar fight.

At Yeretsian Law, our founder, Lara Yeretsian, has many years of experience as a seasoned criminal defense attorney. She maintains a robust practice related to assault and murder charges and can find options to bolster your defense. We provide personalized attention and guidance for each client we represent.

Legitimate Defenses Against Murder And Assault Charges

Regardless of how you came to be faced with an assault or murder charge, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty. At our firm, our lead attorney works with you to understand the evidence against you. She can construct a vigorous defense of your due process rights, and build a foundation that can lead to an acquittal, or a beneficial plea agreement for you.

Here are some of the basic defenses under California law to an assault charge:

  • Self-defense, which can happen if you were countering a danger to yourself or another
  • Accidental harm, meaning that you did not intend to assault the person or injure them
  • Parental discipline, which applies if you were in the process of disciplining your child

For murder charges, some of the defenses that are often employed include:

  • Self-defense
  • Defense of another person
  • Involuntary intoxication (you were drugged or provided alcohol without your knowledge or consent)
  • Insanity or lack of mental capacity

Lara is skilled in developing a defense that represents your side of the story and which can lead to the optimal resolution of the case for you. As your lawyer, her loyalty is to you and your defense.

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