LaraAt Yeretsian Law, we are dedicated to you. We have an unwavering commitment to give personalized attention to every client. Criminal cases require an honest and urgent evaluation. We will walk you through your case and provide you with information and compassion to ease your fears.

We stand by you during this entire process. We will creatively and tenaciously build your defense and tirelessly defend you until the end.

We possess the experience, knowledge and expertise to meet your criminal defense needs. We firmly believe in a key tenet of our free society, that every person is innocent until proven guilty. Every client deserves the best possible defense.

We are proud of our successful record of great results. We place the highest emphasis on being zealous advocates for our clients. Our reputation is of getting favorable outcomes in our cases through successful trials and/or persistent and skillful negotiation of exceptional plea bargain terms.

As your lawyer, Lara Yeretsian will be a strong advocate in your case. We represent individuals in Glendale, the Los Angeles area and throughout the state in all types of criminal defense matters, including state and federal cases and administrative law matters. We know the criminal justice system in California, and we work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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Attorney Lara Yeretsian has over two decades of experience defending the rights of the accused. She is committed to helping her clients understand their rights and the criminal charges they face. She provides honest advice and is able to find creative strategies to protect her clients' best interests. She is a headstrong criminal defense attorney, a tenacious advocate, and a compassionate figure for her clients.

Lara is sought after by local and national media for expert legal commentary on breaking news and criminal law stories. She was recently featured on the Investigative Discovery program "Shadows of Death."

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