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  • Case involving charge of assault by any means of force likely to produce great bodily injury (Penal Code section 245(a)(4)) dismissed in Central Arraignment court.
  • Negotiated reduction of DUI charges to “Dry Reckless” where client was involved in collision on freeway and had PAS BAC results of .126, .072, .122 and Breath BAC results of .10 and .09.
  • Negotiated reduction of DUI charges to “Dry Reckless” in matter involving PAS BAC results of .097, .098 and Blood test BAC result of .08. in Barstow court.
  • Charge of operating massage parlor without permit was dismissed in Van Nuys Court following client obeying all laws for a year in diversion deal.
  • Second time petty theft matter dismissed in Glendale court following client completing community service, antitheft classes, therapy and obeying all laws for a year.
  • Petty theft charge in East LA court dismissed following client completing 40 hours of community labor.
  • Negotiated CASA plea in federal case where defendant was charged with and confessed to importing almost 9 kilograms of opium from overseas and also to possessing opium with intent to sell. If client abides by CASA program rules including staying drug free, the case will be dismissed in approximately a year prior to any sentencing.
  • Felony matter involving possession of marijuana for sale charge dismissed in San Fernando court.
  • Charges of giving false information to officer, battery and disturbing the peace dismissed in Beverly Hills court.
  • Felony grand theft charges dropped against LA City Union Leader & his wife.Charges of false impersonation and giving false information to police officer dismissed and DUI charge involving 19 year old with blood alcohol content of .175 reduced to “Wet Reckless” in San Bernardino court.
  • Negotiated a misdemeanor Penal Code section 245(a)(1) conviction with no jail time in matter where Defendant was charged with a felony battery with serious bodily injury (strike) and a felony grand theft in Airport court.
  • Nineteen Building Code violation charges dismissed against local businessmen in Glendale court.
  • Mistrial and dismissal of DUI charges involving blood alcohol content of .12, .12. in Citrus court.
  • Acquittal of client in DUI matter involving and accident and BAC levels of .12, .13 in Rancho Cucamonga court.
  • La Puente High School teacher acquitted at trial of the felony charge of possessing two knives on school grounds. Also charge of gun possession on school grounds dismissed at the preliminary hearing.
  • Mistrial in case of father accused of killing his daughter by throwing her off cliff.
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