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Cosby’s Lawyers Call His Accuser a ‘Pathological Liar (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Bill Cosby Retrial Verdict: Guilty On All 3 Counts Of Aggravated Indecent Assault (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

ANCA Hollywood Reps Hold Productive Meeting with Councilmember O’Farrell (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

ABMDR's 'Laughter for Life' Celebrates Hope and Spirit of Giving (View PDF)(Visit Site)

Lara Yeretsian, Co-Counsel For Cameron Brown, Who Was Accused Of Murdering His 4-Year Old Daughter (View PDF)(Visit Site)

Director Cuts Plea Deal For Drag Rap (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

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Lara Yeretsian speaks on the DeMaio Report

Lara Yeretsian speaks on KNX radio

Lara Yeretsian speaks about Harvey Weinsten and Bill Cosby Cases on the DeMaio Report on iHeartRadio

Video: Little Armenia Gateway - L.A. This Week


Sessions’ Sentencing Policy Will Move The Country Backward (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Citizen review panels help to strengthen relations with police (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Are the wrong defendants in jail for the Ghost Ship fire? (View PDF) | (Visit Site)

Bill Cosby has a fair shot at acquittal — Harvey Weinstein, not so much (View PDF) | (Visit Site)